What are the X-Games

The X Games is a sporting event for alternative sports some might like to say.  There are two type of X Games – Summer and Winter.  X Games competition feature multiple sporting events.  Competitors from all over the world compete individually for bronze, silver, and gold medals – similar to the Olympics.

The X Games in winter months occur in January or February whereas the summer games occur in August.  Some of the feature events that you will find doing the X games include:

BMX Bike Stunts

BMX bike stunt can be a very interesting during the X Games. Individuals from all over the world perform all kinds of BMX jumps, stunts, and races.  Each at different levels depending on their type of bikes.

Skateboard Frenzy

This is one of the impressive events during the X Games is where skater demonstrate their individual skills.  Its their chance to demonstrate and show off who is the best.  Some jump hundreds of feet into the air.  Other travel through obstacle courses and display their street skills.

Known as the “Adrenaline” games, the event is full of action and excitement.  Here is a list of some of the main events in summer time X games :

Freestyle BMX, Park, Racing-Introduced in X Games 13, Big Air, Freestyle Greatest Trick, Vert, Step Up, and Supermoto are very popular. Gentlemen’s – Women’s Vert Greatest Technique, Super cross, Women-Team USA vs. the Globe (Offered in X Games 13), Skateboarding Street, Big Air, as well as Gentlemen’s Women’s Street Best Secret Vert are consisted of too.

The main events winter games are:

Skier X, Men’s Women’s Super Pipe, Gentlemen’s Women’s Incline style, Super Pipeline, and Men’s and Ladin’s Monoskier X (mixed-gender) were generally wagered. Snowboarding, Incline design, Men’s Women’s Snowboarder X, Skiing, Gentlemen’s Women’s Greatest Technique, Snowmobiling, Freestyle, SnoCross, and Snow roller skating are amongst additional prominent occasions.

Getting a BMX Sponsorship is not as hard as it seems

Getting sponsors for established sporting events is hard enough already. It is more challenging to get sponsors for events that are relatively new such as BMX races. But the truth is, it is not impossible to get sponsorship for BMX events as long as you know the proper way to approach potential sponsors. If you are a BMX racer or an event organizer or promoter, then you should be able to capitalize on the strengths of the sports. And there are many, mind you. You just need to make potential sponsors be aware of them and half your job is done already.

An emerging sport

One of the biggest strengths of BMX cycling is the fact that it is just an emerging sport. This holds plenty of opportunities for potential sponsors since the market is not yet as saturated as other markets. With saturated markets, it is much more difficult to get noticed and sponsors need to exert more effort and spend more money in order to get a share of the attention of the audience. The best companies to approach for BMX sponsorship are those that are also relatively new in the business. Young companies are more adventurous and are more open to taking risks.

A popular sport

What many people do not know is that BMX biking is actually a very popular sport worldwide. In fact, it is an Olympic medal event already. In the United State, for instance, there are already many parks and tracks dedicated especially for BMX bikers and BMX biking events. BMX events are also getting the attention of media. Now, there are even dedicated magazines for BMX racing. The sports popularity is another thing that you can capitalize on. The demographics of the BMX market is also quite diverse. The sport generally appeals to the younger crowd but it attracts both men and women from different social classes.

Different types of companies

Of course, to get BMX sponsorship, it is a must to approach companies that are directly related to the biking industry. But you should not limit yourself to these companies. You can approach food companies, fast food restaurants, beverage makers, etc. You can even approach clothing companies and almost everyone in the retail business. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to get sponsorship for your BMX racing event. What you can do is to make a list of all the potential companies that you think will be interested to offer sponsorship. Prioritize the ones that you think can help you the most. If a company rejects you, then just move on to the next one.

Know what you can offer

If you are a racer, then you can offer to have the name and logo of the sponsor on your jersey. If you are an organizer, then you can offer banner advertising and announcements all throughout the event. You can also allow sponsors to conduct sampling of their products. If you have media partners, then you can include your sponsors in your advertisements or press releases.

How BMX got its name

BMX racing is very popular throughout the world.  This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is an official Olympic summer time sport as of 2008.  You can’t get more official and popular than that.

BMX racing is a activity that stems from motocross speed racing, thus the name, bicycle motorcross (BMX). It’s been around since the 1960′s.  It wasn’t till the 1970′s when more kids began to resemble their motocross legends by taking up the sport with their bicycles. A BMX is a bike with 20″ tires. These are small wheels bicycles.

A BMX is remarkably easily distinguishable by the fact that there is no suspension on the forks or the tail end of the bikes and that there are no equipments at all. A BMX is solitary speed. The name BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, which is like motocross, except it is a ton more affordable and does not require you to put a lot of money into the sport to participate. Although it can be expensive but not as expensive as motorcross.

BMX Competition

Super fast sprint races around a muck dirt track with rises, berms and edge. BMX speeding is growing in appeal again throughout the United States. If you like to find racing competitions in your area or the nearest race track, contact your regional cycling association or your local bicycle stores.

It’s very easy to enter a race.  Its quick and fun to do.  You just need to register, have a helmet and pay the racing fee to enter.  BMX race bikes are light as well as quick. Their structures are generally aluminum or light cromoly steel with light parts. This is necessary so that they can withstand the jumps on the race courses.  So as long as you have a bike that you think will work, you can join any BMX race and then move up the ranks.

There are other types of BMX bikes as well:

Flatland BMX- Flatland BMX bikes are like a park freestyle bike but aim to be lighter with a just a little various geometry. They will definitely have pegs to stand on as well as typically lockable brakes so you can take you hands from the bar.

Gunk Hopping BMX- This is one of the most DIY sports out there. All you need is some space as well as a shovel as well as you could make jumps. While it has right now increased to the range where dirt leap parks like bike park are popping up, mud jumping started in vacant bunches and also woods trails. In the beginning, just landing a jump was the aim but now techniques like back flips and also 360s are viewed even on a local level.

Urban / Park / Vert BMX- Halfpipes bowls and rails. Practically everything is a feasible stunt for this kind of riding. Launch off a stair situation as well as land on the handrail with your pegs to grind down X-games style. Drive up the halfpipe as well as do a bar spin. A mix of significant air and design points are characteristic of the street as well as park using.  This type of racing was made popular by the X games which appear on ESPN.

This sort of riding is both vigorous and attractive. It is easy to watch a good biker attack the vert ramp or park course as they carry out their moves.  They appear to escape physics while at the same time make it look easy.

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